At My West Mount Houston Dentist Dr. Michael Krynik, DDS bring 30 years worth of general dentistry expertise along with extensive training and continued education with such procedure as implants. My West Mount Houston Dentist select staff of professionals to offer our patients the finest care on a wide spectrum from periodontist to treat bleeding gum, bone loss, bad breath to an orthodontist to straighten teeth and oral surgeons to pull wisdom teeth under IV sedation. Come see us at My West Mount Houston Dentist. 

My West Mount Houston Dentist Locations provide onsite laboratory provides same day dentures and repairs.
My West Mount Houston Dentists have staff periodontist treats bleeding gums, bad breath, and bone loss associated with gum disease and all other Ortho treatment.

Our on staff Oral Surgeon performs wisdom tooth extractions. He also places dental implantsto permanently replace missing teethand secure loose dentures.

When was the last time you went to the dentist? If it has been more than 6 months, you are overdue for a checkup and teeth cleaning.

The Importance of Bi-Annual Dental Exams
It is necessary to have a dentist clean your teeth and review you oral health in order to:
Check for developing problems that you cannot see or feel yet
Find early signs of decay before they cause extensive damage
Treat any problems found

Range of Expertise
At My West Mount Houston Dentist, we have a team of highly skilled dental healthcare professionals to manage every facet of dental care, including general and cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and restorative procedures. Whether you need something complex, like a smile makeover, or a simple procedure, like teeth whitening, you can depend on our team to provide exceptional care.

Affordable Care
We strive to provide all of our top-notch dental services at affordable prices. Whether you have insurance or not, we'll work to develop a payment plan that suits your budget.




Patient Satisfaction

Read the Real Stories of My West Mount Houston Dentist's Patients and how it changed their lives. Giving Patients confident and believe that a great smile can change the world. How can  My West Mount Houston Dentist change your world.